TransformCredit : About Us

An alternative to quick loans

Here's the thing - sometimes we all need an extra bit of money. Everyone gets caught short here and there.

The problem is that not everyone in that situation has the same options.

Some people are able to use an overdraft from their bank and some have a credit card for these situations. Others borrow money from friends and family.

But what can you do if those choices are available to you?

Payday loans have become very popular over the past few years. Several quick loan companies offer access to money in a few hours and send it straight to your bank. Most of these companies do it all online - a few offer good customer service when giving you the loan.

BUT here's the thing. The big problem with short term loans is that they are only a short term fix. The idea is that if you borrow money today you repay it in full, plus interest, within a few weeks. This is okay if you are 100% sure you will have the extra money next week to pay it back in a few weeks - but if you need to spread the repayments over a longer time then a quick loan can be disastrous. You may really struggle next month, and even end up needing another payday loan to keep up with the first one. Not an ideal situation!

A loan with Transform Credit is an excellent alternative to payday loans.

Transform Credit's cosigned loans are online, can be with you the same day and (here's the best bit!) are a much more flexible solution.

If you want to pay Transform Credit back after a few weeks then you can. In fact, you will only pay the interest for the time you had the money. There are no additional fees or charges for repaying early. You'll also notice that loans with Transform Credit are repaid over a longer period of time - so you won't run into problems next month like you might with a quick loan.

Transform Credit's loans are designed to be simple, fair and a long term solution to a money problem, should you need it.

So before you consider a payday loan check out Transform Credit and see if you qualify for a better solution.