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Being open and honest is much more than explaining difficult words and sentences. Being fully transparent in everything we do, means that we make important information easily accessible to everyone. Even information we don't have full control over. So we encourage every single customer to review their experience with us. We can only improve and develop if we know what we are good at and what we need to work on. Here are some of our favourite reviews that make us smile. To see more check out our page on Trustpilot.

My credit was not awesome

My credit was not awesome, but because my MAMA TRUSTS ME, Transform Credit gave me the opportunity to not only transform my credit, but transform my future.

Topher - May 2024

Second Loan

I recently paid off my first loan with transform credit and soon after needed to take out another one. It was super fast and easy to get approved and paid out the money for the loan. They make it easy to understand what is happening during the process and get you paid out as quickly as possible.

Leslie - Apr 2024

I just want to say Thank You!

I just want to say Thank You! I’m 43 years old and have been successful most of my life. However, life got hard for me for a bit financially where decisions had to be made that may look bad, but necessary for me to move forward. Due to that, including all that has changed in the past couple years, my credit report says no he is a risk. This process took a few more steps, but I’m grateful to have had a process to go through when most places wouldn’t give me that. This experience will now allow me to move forward in confidence. Thank you!

Mario - Mar 2024

Smooth Experience

The best thing for me was how smooth they made the entire experience. They were patient, educative and made sure we understood every little details.

Olivier - Feb 2024

Very easy process and they really care

Very easy process and they really care about verifying individuals. They communicated very well and I’m glad there is a company out there like this to help those who need a chance after having struggles.

Madeleine - Jan 2024

Transform Credit transformed my life

Transform credit transformed my life. I was able to consolidate my bills into one low payment a month. All from the comfort of my home. They made it all so easy. They acted professionally yet made me feel like family. If I could give them 6 stars, I would

Melanie - Dec 2023

Honesty, integrity and timeliness

What made the biggest impact for me was the timeliness, clarity and attention to detail offered by the team. My urgency was validated, my fears applying for an online loan addressed, and a timeline established. Email communication was clear, and concise, and responses back to me were delivered quickly. What was a stressful emergency, became an opportunity to learn about the ever-changing world of on-line personal loans. Fortunately for me, my first experience was a success! I appreciate the honesty, integrity, and the opportunity to do business with you.

Rosanna - Nov 2023

I appreciated speaking with real human beings

I appreciated speaking with real human beings. They are honest and upfront I liked that I had to get a co signer and not just anyone but someone who honestly has their life together. The interest rates and payment plan was more then fair. All this makes me feel like they aren't just about profit but genuinely want me to succeed and rebuild my credit without struggling.

Ricky - Oct 2023

Super fast and easy as described

It was easy to fill everything out, along with the help available if needed. I felt secure about giving my information to a very professional worker that I talked to. Very helpful and got my money in less than 24 hours.

Ken - Aug 2023