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How do I send you my bank statements?

As part of our checks, we might as you to send us your bank statements. It's important that your full name and address is printed on the statement and it must cover today's date, going back 60 days.

Here's a guide to help you with this:

1) Log into your online bank. If you haven't got online banking, see bottom of this page.

2) When you've logged on, find and select your main account/salary account. (It needs to be the account where you receive your monthly income and have the most activity on)

3) The period needs to be adjusted. This is done in the middle of the screen, so it covers today's date and goes back 60 days.

4) Press the little printer icon on the screen, this can often be found in the top right corner. This lets you save the bank statements as a PDF-file. Just press the button "shift" which can be found to the right of "destination".

5) Save the PDF-file on the desktop (so it's easy to find again).

6) When the PDF-file has been saved, you can attach it to an email and send it to Make sure you put a reference in the email, so we know it's from you.

7) If you can't save the file as a PDF, then you can take pictures.

8) Send your bank statements to and we'll add them to your application. It's safe and secure.

If you don't have online banking, then you can contact your bank, so they can send the bank statements directly to you. Afterwards you can forward them to us.

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