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Openness at the heart

You'll notice that we talk a lot about being open, nailing our voice, and simple communication - and actually all that comes back to a pretty simple starting point that we have built the company around.

Put the customer at the heart of the business

It might sound obvious, but then again, not really. How many companies do you know, where you feel like just a number? And where you feel like everything they do and say is just for their own benefit? We genuinely don't want to be like that.

So at Transform Credit, we do a number of things daily, to make sure we're not just "one of those companies".

Every single day we listen to the recordings of conversations we have with you. We do this to check the quality of what we're doing. It's important that we always do a good job when we're talking to you. It has to be in line with our promises, and always in a simple and friendly way.

Listening to phone calls is also really helpful for getting an understanding of the challenges you're facing. These calls are among the most valuable tools we have for deciding what things to improve next.

When we're not listening to calls, we're reading and reviewing emails. We look at information on how you use our website and mobile app, so we can work out ways to make things easier for you.

Very often we design a new page for the website, write a new text message to send you or update our staff training to improve your experience on the phone - and every single time we do it we always do it thinking about the impact on our customers.

Why are we telling you this? Because we really want your help. We'll always work on improving our products, no matter what, but we would really like to hear from you. What we can do better? What would you wish we did more of? We really really want to know what needs improving. Everything from your personal experience with us on the phone, all the way through to anything you would want to see us add to our mobile app.

Please send your ideas to